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How we use financial donations to save lives

We ask potential blood stem cell donors to give a two-minute swab sample from the inside of their cheek and fill in a consent form. This is done at one of our donor drives or at home via requesting a kit from our website.

Anyone in the UK aged between 17 and 55 and in good general health can join our registry.

The swabs are sent to our laboratory where the samples are analysed and donors listed anonymously on our blood stem cell registry.

Everyone on the registry has the opportunity to be a life-saving donor for anyone around the world until their 61st birthday.

When a patient who needs a transplant contacts DKMS, we organise a campaign to raise the chances of finding a life-saving donor, whenever we can.

Unrelated donors need to share at least 8 out of 10 tissue characteristics with a patient. The closer the match, the better the chances of beating cancer.

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In this section, we would like to thank our cooperation partners and share stories from our recent corporate partnerships. We hope this sparks some ideas about how you could collaborate with us and inspires you to join the fight against blood cancer.

Salesforce: Social Partner at CeBIT

Last March, DKMS had the opportunity to be the official Social Partner of Salesforce at the world’s largest IT exhibition, CeBIT, in Hannover, Germany. Together with Salesforce, DKMS aimed to raise awareness and gain supporters in the fight against blood cancer. The event was a success, resulting in 627 new potential stem cell donors registered with DKMS and €12,000 raised to provide more second chances of life.

E.ON: International Corporate Activities


Our international cooperation with E.ON made it possible for DKMS to register potential stem cell donors in Germany, the UK and the US and spread awareness of blood cancer in a further five countries. This was the first time DKMS organized a donor drive across two different continents – thanks to E.ON, we were able to register over 1,200 employees as potential stem cell donors and raise over €45,000 in funds.


Awareness was raised using the hashtag #chancengeber (German for ‘chance giver’), referring to the second chances of life given to each blood cancer patient via a stem cell transplant from a matching donor. Thanks to Salesforce, we were able to create a video with real patients and real stem cell donors, to tell the everyday story of DKMS from a personal point of view. The video features Global Ambassador Katharina Harf, who describes how DKMS was founded following her mother’s death in 1991.

Salesforce showed great commitment to our vision and the importance of deleting blood cancer. Thanks to their 1-1-1 model, giving back is a key objective which is deeply embedded in the Salesforce culture. For this, and for a great year of cooperation, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all Salesforce employees for standing side by side with DKMS in the fight against blood cancer.

DKMS & Salesforce: Together, we fight blood cancer

This was done using an informative campaign put together by E.ON, featuring employees who had already donated their stem cells to help blood cancer patients in need (watch a video here). The call-to-action “Let yourself be found” motivated employees to sign up, meaning one day they could be a matching donor.
E.ON covered the registration cost in all DKMS locations (Germany, UK and USA), while information on registration as a stem cell donor and blood cancer in general was shared with employees in Italy, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Johannes Theyssen, CEO at E.ON SE, said _“It is important for us to take on responsibility and we are happy to fight blood cancer together with our employees.”_
We would like to thank E.ON for this initiative and all employees for their enthusiasm and support. Thanks to you, we can go further in fulfilling our vision of a future with more blood cancer survivors.

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DKMS around the World

Karolina Pieniak

In this section, we take a break and explore Warsaw, home of Fundacja DKMS, with Karolina Pieniak, Fundraising employee of DKMS and our tour guide today.

EKarolina, Warsaw is such an interesting and historic city. What is the best thing to do during a business trip?
After a long day at work, you will definitely need to stretch your legs, so why not visit Warsaw’s Old Town. The heart of the area and the oldest part of the city is the Market Place, rich with restaurants, cafes and shops. In the surrounding streets you will find medieval architecture such as the city walls, the Barbican and St. John’s Cathedral. It’s a wonderful place for a first walk in Warsaw. If you’re lucky enough to be there in summer, don’t miss the Multimedia Fountain Park – a water and light show every Friday and Saturday.

That all sounds very interesting. And how about something a bit different – do you have a tip for us?
Yes, if you really want to leave your comfort zone, then the Invisible Exhibition is perfect for you. This is a unique interactive journey which shows you what life would be like without sight. Blind guides take you through the exhibition and show you how to cope in everyday situations by using only your hearing, smell and touch. By doing this, you will learn how to help and understand blind people – it’s an experience you will never forget.

Fascinating. And after all this art and culture, I think we deserve a break and something to eat. Where would you recommend?
The largest sushi restaurant in Poland is called Izumi White Stone and is located in the Mokotow Orangery building. The interior is overgrown with tropical plants, including 100-year-old palm trees. Guests can order not only sushi and hot Japanese dishes, but also traditional and fusion cuisine from South East Asia.
For traditional Polish cuisine, there is no better option than Dom Polski in the Saska Kepa borough or Dom Polski Belwederska in the Mokotów borough – two restaurants with two unique locations. For years, both restaurants have been ambassadors of Polish cuisine both at home and abroad, taking inspiration from nature, old cookbooks and long-forgotten recipes.

And how about a place where we can stay a bit longer, and relax with a drink?
Of course. For a business dinner or drink, I can recommend Stixx Bar&Grill – an elegant place with delicious food and a wide selection of cocktails accompanied by music. It’s a must-visit.
For a place that has everything, head to Hala Koszyki – Warsaw’s social and culinary center. Here you can eat in numerous restaurants and pubs, or buy fresh products to prepare delicious meals at home. With this concept, Warsaw joins the world’s metropolises in offering cultural events and cuisines from around the world.

Last but not least, how should we end our night?
Why not end the night with a beautiful panorama, showing everything Warsaw can offer? The best place for this is The View, a club located on the 28th and 32nd floor of the Spectrum Tower – one of the most modern office buildings in Poland. The club is accessed via two panoramic lifts, after which breathtaking views from the highest observation point in Poland are waiting for you. A perfect way to end the day!

Every 35 seconds, someone somewhere in the world receives the shattering news that they have been diagnosed with blood cancer. For many patients, a blood stem cell transplant is the best chance for survival. Any amount you donate helps register new potential life savers. Join DKMS in the fight against blood cancer.