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How we use financial donations to save lives

We ask potential blood stem cell donors to give a two-minute swab sample from the inside of their cheek and fill in a consent form. This is done at one of our donor drives or at home via requesting a kit from our website.

Anyone in the UK aged between 17 and 55 and in good general health can join our registry.

The swabs are sent to our laboratory where the samples are analysed and donors listed anonymously on our blood stem cell registry.

Everyone on the registry has the opportunity to be a life-saving donor for anyone around the world until their 61st birthday.

When a patient who needs a transplant contacts DKMS, we organise a campaign to raise the chances of finding a life-saving donor, whenever we can.

Unrelated donors need to share at least 8 out of 10 tissue characteristics with a patient. The closer the match, the better the chances of beating cancer.

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In this section, we would like to thank our cooperation partners and share stories from our recent corporate partnerships. We hope this sparks some ideas about how you could collaborate with us and inspires you to join the fight against blood cancer.

The Winter Olympic Games 2018

The Olympic Winter Games took place in February, with our Olympic campaign #GoldFürsLeben (Gold for life) running until the end of April. Our goal was to win over as many athletes as possible, in order to motivate their communities to register as potential stem cell donors. To help them out, we prepared a set of social media posts to be shared. We were really happy with the positive feedback from the majority of athletes at the first preparatory event in Munich during January 2018.

Barry M: UK Cosmetic Partnership

Leading British cosmetics brand Barry M has partnered with DKMS UK to support their #LetsNailBloodCancer campaign. Caroline Richardson and Rachel Rossi from the Fundraising tean DKMS UK gave a 'pitch perfect' presentation to Barry M.

In support of DKMS and the fight against blood cancer, Barry M has pledged to supply all the nail polish for the fundraising kits this year. The partnership will help raise awareness of both the #LetsNailBloodCancer campaign and the wider work of DKMS, highlighting the urgent need for people to register as potential blood stem cell donors.


Currently we have registered almost 3,000 new donors through various events and our landing page [](Gold fürs Leben). We are looking forward to long lasting relationships with all the athletes we have had the opportunity to engage with.

Further achievements include 133 offline and online publications with a total of 59,068,707 and over 2,000 users who added the frame to their profile picture on Facebook. We could also count on the support of many corporate partners, including ADIDAS, wige SOLUTIONS GmbH & Co. KG, HALLO Sparda-Bank Berlin, SEW-EURODRIVE, TOYOTA, Stadtwerke München and Vitamalz.

If you are interested in partnerships such as our #GoldFürsLeben campaign or would like to meet up to discuss possible ideas, please feel free to contact us through:


Alongside the donation of nail polish for our fundraising kits, Barry M will also support us with a huge social media push. This begins with a film created together with DKMS, in order to celebrate our first all-UK donor-patient meeting at our annual awards event, Let’s Make a Spark.

Barry M are an ideal brand to partner with due to their incredible reputation in the UK, as an ethical, cruelty-free beauty company since their launch in 1982. All of their products are suitable for vegetarians, with over 90% also classified as vegan. Barry M own 11% of the cosmetics market in the UK and was the first beauty brand to launch black nail polish and the crackle effect.

We are already talking about further possible activities with Barry M, including a cause-related marketing campaign in September to support Blood Cancer Awareness month. Barry M are looking to rename their ‘Gelly Hi-Shine in Blood Orange’ to ‘DKMS Lifesaver Red’, in order to highlight our cause, raise funds and enable us to register more potential lifesavers. Both Barry M and DKMS are very excited about this partnership and look forward to working on some exciting projects in the upcoming year!

DKMS around the World

In this section, we take a break and explore Santiago, home of our new organization DKMS Chile, with Nicole Handal, Donor Recruitment employee of DKMS and our tour guide today.

Nicole, what is your absolute favorite thing about Santiago?
Although I’m originally from Honduras, I’ve been living in Chile for almost 9 years now – which makes me the perfect tour guide! Santiago is a large and culturally diverse city, but my absolute favorite thing has to be the view of the Andes Mountains – especially during winter time. After a rainy day or night, the view is just spectacular. Santiago is the perfect combination of old and new buildings and greenery. Just one tip: in case you experience an earthquake here, don’t run and don’t use an elevator – just stay calm and remember the infrastructure for emergencies is very good here.

Good to know! And what do you recommend doing after a long day at work?
After a long day at work, I recommend walking around Santiago Centro – the downtown area. Here you have the Presidential Palace La Moneda, a lot of museums, Santiago Municipality City Square, the Santa Lucia artisans market and Paseo Ahumada (our Time Square), among other things. After all that walking you will need something to eat – Chile is famous for its wine and meat! I personally love Las Vacas Gordas, where you can enjoy a nice steak with a glass of Carmenere (the typical red wine). Also recommended is El Hoyo, where you will find typical Chilean food such as pork and lomo a lo pobre (steak with fries, fried eggs and caramelized onions). Don’t forget to ask for the typical Chilean drink called Terremoto (earthquake) – you might feel like you have experienced an earthquake when you stand up!

We’ll remember that! And what about the weekend – do you have some tips to see more of the city?
Start the day at one of my favorite places in Santiago: Cerro San Cristobal. You can go up the hill in the cable car and enjoy the view from the top – perhaps while relaying with local drink mote con huesillo (dry peach with corn). Take the funicular down to end up in Bellavista – here there are countless restaurants to suit every taste. I can recommend a small Chilean restaurant called Galindo – here you can try many different seasonal dishes, such as pastel de choclo, humitas, cazuela, etc.

If you are not afraid of heights, go to Costanera Center next for 360 views of Santiago from the tallest building in Latin America. And you can’t visit Chile without trying the sandwiches and hot dogs at Fuente Alemana – try a lomito completo o churrasco italiano or a completo. Last but not least, I can recommend the rooftop bars of Hotel Luciano K at Barrio Lastarria or Hotel Noi in Vitacura for a drink and a beautiful sunset.

Thank you Nicole! We definitely want to visit – feel free to invite us soon!

Every year over 80,000 blood cancer patients search globally for a matching donor outside of their family.