Create you own vitual drive to help register more potential donors.

Potential donor filling in online form on a laptop.

How it works

Set up a virtual donor drive to inspire others to register more potential blood stem cell donors. You can set up a virtual drive at your workplace, sports club, college or just to share with your personal network.

1. Set up your Drive
Let us know your motivation for setting up a drive and include any images or videos you would like to use.
2. Launch your Drive
Our DKMS Donor Recruiter will get in touch with you to finalize and launch your drive.
3. View your impact
Share your drive and view how many potential lifesavers have registered.

Ready to save lives?

Start from scratch or choose a purpose to tell the world why it is important for you to support our mission and why they should register.

Start a drive

Some tips for your drive:

Bring in your personality

Submit personal photos and tell your individual story on why our cause is important to you. The more personal it feels, the more people will support your effort.

Set a goal

You and your Donor Recruiter will set a goal of how many registrations you want to achieve.

Engage your surroundings

Think of people that you can count on for their support - friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Share your drive with them.

Need more tips and material for your drive?
Visit our resource library to make the best out of your virtual drive.