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Contact with the patient

For many donors, the main concern post-donation is for the recipient of their stem cells: How are they doing? Can they be contacted? Would it be possible to meet them?

Whether or not a donor and patient can contact each other directly depends on the law in the countries they live in. In the United States, there is a minimum period of anonymity for at least one year where the donor and the patient may write to each other. In many places, donors and patients are allowed anonymous contact via mail or email during this period. In some countries donors and recipients can meet in-person after the anonymous waiting period is over, provided both sides agree. Unfortunately, certain countries do not allow contact of any kind following the donation.

The decision to contact ‘your’ patient is entirely up to you and you may or may not receive a response. This decision is also entirely up to them.

As you make this personal decision, your Follow Up Coordinator will be by able to help, giving you all the available information that we are able to provide. If you have any questions – no matter what they might be – please contact us at any time.

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