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About our cause

Why DKMS needs help

Only 30% of patients find a matching donor within their family. 70% of patients who need a bone marrow or stem cell transplant rely on finding an unrelated donor.

In the US over 50,000 people die from blood cancer every year.

Numbers behind our work

28% of all potential blood stem cell donors worldwide are registered with DKMS.

To date, DKMS has registered over 10 million potential blood stem cell donors worldwide, including over 1,100,000 people in the US.

So far, over 4,711 second chances at life have been provided by DKMS US.

Tips and tricks

Creating a virtual drive

Bring in your personality

Submit personal photos and tell your individual story on why our cause is important to you. The more personal it feels, the more people will support your effort.

Set a goal

You and your Donor Recruiter will set a goal of how many registrations you want to achieve.

Engage your surroundings

Think of people that you can count on for their support - friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Share your drive with them.

Social Media

Social media offers a great way to reach a wide audience. We have compiled a few tips for social media.

Motivate others

Make your followers aware of your support and your Virtual Drive and encourage them to join in and help save lives.

Update your followers

Ask people for support when your drive is close to a milestone and update them regularly.

Celebrate your achievements

Thank your followers for their participation and celebrate the impact you have provided with your surroundings.

Social Media
If you don't want to share personal photos, that’s not a problem, we have a range of images from which to choose in our image library.
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Every 3 minutes graphic
Every year, more than 15,000 people in the US are in need of a donor
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Video library
Videos are a great way of motivating people to register, simply copy the URL for a video you want to use and attach it to your drive.