Need help regarding virtual drives? Don't worry!

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About Virtual Drives

What is a virtual drive?

A virtual drive is a bespoke landing page on our website that can be used to motivate and encourage people to join the blood stem cell registry. Personal stories, images, videos and quotes can be shared to help show people the difference that they could make by signing up to becoming lifesavers in waiting, and the page's link can be shared to spread awareness.

I am already registered. Can I still support a drive?

Yes, you may financially support a drive. Thank you for registering!

How do I share my Virtual Drive?

Your Donor Recruiter will teach you how to share your virtual drive on social media and other platforms.

Create a Virtual Drive

Who can create a virtual drive?

Anyone who would like to bring awareness to our lifesaving mission.

I am an employee and want to set up a drive for my company. Where should I start?

Please get in touch with our donor recruitment team.


Can I edit my drive once it has launched?

Your Donor Recruiter will be able to make edits to your drive.

Can I post updates on my drive?

Yes, we recommend you post updates on your social media regarding your drive, including reaching milestones, reminding your people who have registered to return their kits, and your goals.

I do not have images or videos. Can I still start a drive?

Absolutely! DKMS offers inspiring images and videos that can be used for your drive. If you do happen to have a custom video, your Donor Recruiter can add it to your drive.

Can I set an individual goal for my drive?

You and your Donor Recruiter will set a goal of how many registrations you want to achieve.

Please get in touch with us if there are any further questions.
Donor Recruitment Team