Women's History Month


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This Women's History Month, DKMS celebrates the powerful legacy of Mechtild Harf and the countless women who contribute to our mission of finding lifesaving matches for blood cancer patients.

Mechtild's story is one of courage and resilience. Facing a life-threatening illness and no compatible family donor, she inspired her husband, Peter, to create a solution. Together with their doctor, they founded DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Registry) in 1991, starting with just 3,000 potential donors.

Though Mechtild tragically lost her battle with leukemia, her spirit lives on in DKMS. Katharina Harf, her daughter, witnessed the devastating impact of blood cancer firsthand. Motivated by her mother's strength and Peter's dedication, she joined the fight to find a cure for blood cancer and become a beacon of hope for patients in need.

Executive Chairwoman of DKMS US: Katharina Harf
Dr. Elke Neujahr

This Women's History month, we also honor the countless other women who contribute to DKMS's success:

  • Doctors and nurses: Providing lifesaving care and medical expertise in the field of blood cancer treatment.
  • Researchers: Working tirelessly in laboratories and research institutions to develop new treatments and improve BMT outcomes.
  • Volunteers: Rasing awareness by sharing stories and organizing events and supporting patients and families through their journeys.
  • Financial donors: Providing critical resources to support DKMS's mission on fighting blood cancer.

These women exemplify dedication, compassion, and hard work, making them instrumental in saving lives. We are heartfelt in our gratitude for their contributions at DKMS.

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