Stem Cell Donation

Is it safe to go to the lab/hospital for appointments considering recommendations to self-quarantine and stay at home?

Our medical partners are all taking extraordinary precautions to protect staff and patients. Here is a list of the most common medical centers we ask our donors to visit. To learn more about their COVID-19 policies, click on the facility you are scheduled at.

  • LabCorp
  • Concentra
  • Collection and Apheresis centers

LABCORP "Wait Where You're Comfortable" Program: LabCorp has also taken a number of steps to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to ensure the safety of our patients, employees, and the broader community. This includes social distancing, which is the focus of our newly-implemented "Wait Where You're Comfortable" program. Patients can make an appointment online, provide a cell phone number, check in from their mobile device, and wait in their vehicles or other nearby location. When the LabCorp technician is ready to see them, the patients receive a text message. Walk-in patients can also participate in the program by signing in at the LabCorp Express tablet and providing their cell phone number. Please note: While LabCorp continues to perform the laboratory testing needed by you and your patients, LabCorp does not either collect COVID-19 samples or perform COVID-19 testing at its PSCs. People who believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 are asked to contact their healthcare provider and not enter a LabCorp PSC.

CONCENTRA: Concentra is taking all possible precautions to minimize the risk of exposure to patients and our staff. The following processes have been implemented to enable us to continue to provide care to employees and other patients without exposing them to potentially infected patients. In addition, these measures will help protect the health of our team members to enable them to continue to provide care to non-COVID-19 patients.

  • RIGOROUS CLINICAL TRIAGE. Although COVID-19 screening and testing will not be conducted in Concentra medical centers, we have implemented an enhanced clinical triage process to detect potential COVID-19 cases and provide instructions to patients as appropriate. SEPARATING THE SICK. Concentra has posted notifications on the doors to our centers to instruct individuals with COVID-19 symptoms to use drive-through/outdoor testing stations where available or contact their health care provider or local health department. However, should the site identify as a potential COVID-19 case, the patient will immediately be moved to designated areas or rooms to separate this individual from other patients and staff.
  • ENHANCED CLEANING PROTOCOLS. Concentra has implemented strict cleaning regimens that include frequent disinfection of door handles and other hard surfaces to help reduce and mitigate possible contamination. Hand sanitizer is available and frequent hand washing is encouraged.

COLLECTION / APHERESIS CENTER PARTNERS Our collection/apheresis center partners are taking the following actions to limit exposure risk for staff and patients/donors obtaining treatment within their facilities:

    • Phone assessments prior to appointments.
    • Temperature check and symptoms assessment prior to entry
    • Limiting access to companions. Companions will be provided updates on donor progress and are requested to remain at the hotel. Companions will be allowed to meet donors following donation procedures outside the facility.
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