Stem cell donation

Potential second donations

In rare cases, we may ask you to donate stem cells a second time.

This could be because:

  • The transplanted stem cells have not yet engrafted the patient’s body.
  • The patient has suffered a relapse.
  • The patient’s body is rejecting the transplanted stem cells.
  • The patient needs another stem cell donation, or stem cell boost, to accelerate the restoration of their immune system.

The second donation usually tends to be smaller than the first.

If any of the above reasons occur, the patient’s team will alert us to approach you to see if you would be willing to donate to your patient again.

Your second stem cell donation is usually at the same collection center as your first. Depending on how much time has gone by you may or may not need to repeat your physical exam. Our staff will be ready to assist at any time and will organize everything on your behalf. If you have any questions about donating a second time please contact us at any time.

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