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Learning that you or a loved one may need a bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant can be an overwhelming moment. DKMS can help change that. We provide family and friends with a positive way to get involved by organizing bone marrow donor drives that can enhance your donor search, rally community support and provide hope.

We are here to help!

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Patient Services Organizations

We partner with many patient organizations to help provide patients with all the resources they need. Please scroll below for a list of our patient services partner.


LLS is the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding research, finding cures and ensuring access to treatments for blood cancer patients.
Phone: (800) 955-4572


Provides personalized connections that enable one-on-one support among cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.
Phone: (877) 274-5529


Supports patients and families living with aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), and related bone marrow failure diseases.
Phone: (800) 747-2820


Provides transplant patients, survivors and their loved ones with emotional support and easy-to-understand information about bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cell and cord blood transplants.
Phone: (847) 433-3313


Offers financial assistance and free support services to bone marrow/stem cell transplant patients and their families.
Phone: (800) 365-1336


Dedicated to serving children with Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome and their families worldwide by funding research and providing educational, financial and emotional support.
Phone: (919) 641-7134


Nationwide community, driven by college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer.
Phone: (260) 225-3736


Provides patients with referrals to Centers of Excellence, contacts for clinical trials, sharing new research and treatment options between physicians, and extension of educational support to physicians, nurses, pharmacists and patients. Has established patient advocacy groups, research funding, and professional educational initiatives.
Phone: (800) MDS-0839


This group is a resource for patients battling blood cancers and blood disorders. To build a sense of community, we invite survivors and caregivers to join the group too.


Provides education about these rare cancers to patients and family members by means of hosting educational forums and providing online literature, dispense charitable funds to assist with treatment-related expenses, and allocating charitable funds to support scientific research.
Phone: (206) 661-2253


Providing vital information and personalized support services to help patients, caregivers, and families cope with the social and emotional challenges of bone marrow/stem cell transplant from diagnosis through survivorship.
Phone: (800) 546-5268


Free comprehensive cancer program includes support groups, educational lectures and workshops for everyone impacted by cancer – men, women, teens, and children.
Nationwide: Search your specific area at


Provides assistance to families of children with the life threatening hematological diseases, aplastic anemia, MDS and PNH, raising awareness of these diseases and funding medical research.
Phone: (860) 355-3653

Sharing the Experience

Every one of our patients and donors has an incredible story to share. Stories of courage and challenge that provide hope and inspiration. You can read some of them here.

Tiffany's Story

Tiffany Glasgow

Tiffany was a little girl who loved going to school, riding her bike and taking dance classes despite fighting sickle cell disease. But by the time she turned 10, she was in crippling pain and fighting for her life.

Mandy's Story

Mandy Manocchio

Working as a fashion executive in Manhattan and raising two young boys with her husband Bill, Mandy was a multitasking Mom extraordinaire. But in the summer of 2013, she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and her life was turned upside down.

Your Story

bone marrow donation story

If you are a patient, a family member or a donor who would like to share your bone marrow transplant or donation story, we’d love to hear it and share it. It’s stories like yours that inspire so many to register as bone marrow donors.

How Family & Friends Can Help

Family and friends always want to do all they can to support and assist a loved one. DKMS provides several positive ways to get involved, even if they live far away.

Register as a Bone Marrow Donor

register as a bone marrow donor

Anyone between the ages of 18-55 and in general good health can become a potential lifesaver. It only takes a few minutes and a swab of the cheeks to register as a bone marrow donor.

Make a Gift

Every dollar raised helps to register more potential lifesavers. 100% of your gift will support the lifesaving mission of DKMS and is tax deductible.

Host a Drive

Hosting a registration drive with us is free, easy and rewarding. We regularly work with families, colleges, community organizations, small businesses and corporations to hold drives.

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Other Ways to Help

There are many ways to support our fight against blood cancer.

Make lifesaving the life of your next party with our Swab Party Kit.

We host thousands of drives every year and always need volunteers.

Spread the word and inspire your friends and family to get involved.