Retired Firefighter Needs Your Help

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Retired Airforce and Colorado Springs Firefighter Searching for Bone Marrow Transplant

Ron Gerding is a retired Airforce and Colorado Springs firefighter. He is a husband, father of two and grandfather of five who enjoys working on cars, woodworking, fishing, and most importantly, spending time with his family. Since his leukemia diagnosis, life changed drastically and is now filled with doctor’s appointments and trying to find a bone marrow transplant match. After spending his life helping others, Ron needs your help.

“Thank you for considering registering as a donor for me. It is humbling to know that you would consider donating to a complete stranger. For that, I am extremely grateful.” – Ron

Let’s rally together! Anyone in good health and between the ages of 18-55 can sign up. Registering as a potential donor is FREE, takes a matter of minutes and involves understanding what happens IF found to be a matching donor, filling out a short form and swabbing your cheeks. YOU just might be the ONE person who can help Ron or someone else

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Olivia Haddox
Donor Recruitment

Sign up for a swab kit online. It only takes 5 minutes. You provide hope. We cover the rest.