Love Your Melon awards $100,000 grant to DKMS

Following the successful first year of partnership, Love Your Melon has announced it will strengthen its partnership with DKMS with a $100,000 grant in 2020.


The grant supports the registration of bone marrow donors through the LYM Campus Crew program, which calls on students to host bone marrow donor drives on campus, among other community outreach events that help support cancer patients. The program is active at 250 campuses across the United States.

LYM Campus Crew
“Our partnership with Love Your Melon is a perfect match for us,” said DKMS Chief Operating Officer Agata Maraszek-Dudek. “When you can work with an organization that understands your goals and also inspires you, it’s truly special. Their support of DKMS gives hope to patients around the world and provides countless second chances at life for patients fighting blood cancers and diseases.”

In 2019, LYM Campus Crews registered 13,629 new potential donors at 175 campuses across the country.

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