Hi, I'm Sunny!

Sunny the Bear

Here is a story about your new friend that is true,
Sunny the bear was not feeling well, just like you.

Before that day, Sunny had felt quite strong,
Sunny went to the doctor to see what was wrong.

The doctor proceeded to poke here and prod there
Why was this happening to a previously healthy bear?

After the tests were done, it started to click,
The doctor informed that Sunny was indeed sick.

It turned out that Sunny had something more than the flu,
But lucky for Sunny the doctor knew just what to do.

Sunny did not feel well for quite a while,
During that time, it was sometimes hard to smile.

Friends and family are what helped Sunny through,
Until one day Sunny received amazing news.

Somewhere in the world there was someone who cared,
Lucky for Sunny that person made a perfect pair.

It was because of that person that Sunny became better,
And one day that person sent Sunny a letter.

They wanted Sunny to help people just like you,
To be there for them when they are feeling blue.

No matter if you are feeling high or low,
Sunny will be with you wherever you go.

Sunny knows it is important to have a friend,
One who can be there when you are on the mend.

Do not think of Sunny only as a bear,
But as a special friend who will always be there.

Do you know a special child who is waiting for a transplant who would love to have Sunny as a friend?

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