Host a Drive on Campus

Students at University of South Carolina hosting a college bone marrow donor recruitment drive with DKMS
Host a Drive
Join our fight against blood cancer!

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The best chance for a blood cancer patient in need is a young stem cell transplant donor - you have the power to influence your campus.

Register donors on your campus

What's expected of a campus lead?

  • Be our main point of contact to organize and execute a drive on campus
  • Recruit and lead your team of friends and volunteers to rock and roll on the day of your drive
  • Identify the perfect day, time and location for your drive
  • Schedule a kickoff meeting with your team to discuss how to make your drive the greatest ever
  • Secure support from your campus administration (when necessary)
  • Ensure that all the registration materials (and swabs!) are returned to DKMS in a timely manner

What can you expect from DKMS?

  • Connect you with a Drive Coach to guide and train you for your first donor drive
  • Provide the tabling supplies, registration supplies and promotional materials needed
  • Supply a qualified, professional reference from DKMS for your resume
  • Encouragement, support and recognition of your dedication and generosity

100 Club

A campus joins the DKMS 100 club after adding at least 100 people to the donor pool through a campus donor drive.

Legacy Program

The DKMS Legacy Program is made up of campuses with a longstanding history of hosting annual donor drives. These groups have established a tradition of lifesaving on their campus and commit to continuing that mission each school year.

More ways to help
You can support DKMS in many ways and give hope to more blood cancer and blood disorder patients.