Vipul urgently needs a lifesaving match

Vipul, a 29-year-old youth from Mumbai is diagnosed with a rare and an uncommon form of blood cancer known as ‘Myelofibrosis’. Vipul can only survive if he finds a matching blood stem cell donor, as soon as possible.

Vipul is a happy-go-lucky person and wants to pursue his career in computer applications; he loves adventure sports and lives life to the fullest. But everything came to a standstill when he was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis in March 2021.

Myelofibrosis is an uncommon type of bone marrow cancer that disrupts your body's normal production of blood cells.

Vipul has two elder sisters out of which only one of his sisters turned out to be just 5/10 HLA (tissue characteristics) match to him. As none of his family members are a perfect match for him, he is now looking for an unrelated donor.

“Life has changed drastically for me since the diagnosis, my health has slowed me down, but I want to overcome it, and work hard to achieve my dreams and support my family" - says Vipul

Time is ticking for Vipul!

Vipul’s dream seems bleak now as he is running out of time. He urgently needs to find a matching blood stem cell donor to survive. It just takes five minutes of your time to register as a potential blood stem cell donor.

You can give Vipul and his family hope. Step up and show your support for Vipul and other patients like him who are battling such life-threatening diseases.

A few minutes of your time could give him a fighting chance for a lifetime. Register as a potential donor today.

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