Return Your Kit, Become a Potential Lifesaver

Buccal swab to register as a potential stemcell donor
If you have completed your registration process but need a new kit, click here to request a replacement kit.
Request a Replacement Swab Kit

Thank you for requesting a swab kit from DKMS.

We’re excited to welcome you as a registered bone marrow donor and look forward to receiving your kit!

Thank you for asking for a swab kit from DKMS! If you've already signed up as a potential lifesaver, your kindness is truly appreciated! Now, let's move on to the next important step: sending back your swab kit.

You're just one step away from being a registered bone marrow donor, and that's great news. Here's what you need to do: If you still have your kit, just swab your cheeks and send it back to us using the envelope provided. Don't have your kit? No problem. We can send you a new one right away.

Become a donor with three easy swabs!

Sending back your swab kit is very important because each potential donor can give hope and a new chance at life to someone with a life-threatening blood cancer or disorder. Did you know that just by sending back your swab kit, you could be the crucial link for a patient waiting for a matching stem cell or bone marrow donor?

Join us in our mission to save lives! Together, let's make a meaningful impact and bring hope to those in need. Send back your kit today and become someone's hero.

Request a Replacement Kit and Save a Life Today!
Request your new swab kit today and become a donor!

Have questions? That's totally fine. We're here to help. Just email us at and let us know how we can assist.

More ways to help
You can support DKMS in many ways and give hope to more blood cancer and blood disorder patients.