You can be Colin's lifesaver!

Colin will be 18 in a few days. He would like to finish school, go out partying, do sports, go out with friends - enjoy his coming of age. Just everything that everyone at this age likes to do. But for Colin, that's not possible. He's in the hospital right now, fighting Leukemia. He was first diagnosed in 2018 and now the cancer is back. This time, he can only survive with a stem cell donation.

Finding the right match is the biggest challenge here, as his mom tells us: "It pulled the rug out from under us. Colin should now be in the eleventh grade preparing for his High school diploma, but instead he's fighting for his life again. It's a weird feeling this time, knowing what's coming. You can brace yourself against it, but you also suspect how bad it's going to be. Colin has Eritrean and German roots.

Therefore, finding his genetic twin is more difficult. Tissue characteristics are inherited and vary from region to region. The chance of finding a matching stem cell donor is greatest in one's own ethnic group. Therefore, we need help from everyone out there to find that needle in the haystack. Please register as a potential stem cell donor and tell also all your friends! You'll be giving Colin and many others the greatest thing there is - the chance at a happy life." And what better way to make an 18th birthday wish? Become a wish granter too!

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