On Campus...

It's a fact: Young people are often the best donors for patients fighting blood cancer. When you are in the "prime of your life," it's also the best time to help save a life.

That's why we team up with students like you to hold more bone marrow donor registration drives at campuses across the country - to add more young people to our list of potential lifesavers. Just look at the difference our college students have made:

Over 1,500 Campus drives
Over 167,000 New potential lifesavers registered
Over 500 Matches found
** Over 600** Donations to patients in need of transplants

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Drive Calendar

DKMS Student Ambassador Program

Delete Blood Cancer DKMS Student Ambassador Program

Our Student Ambassador Program is a national movement of student leaders working to raise awareness and inspire action in the fight against blood cancer. Our ambassadors work on campus to build a team of dedicated volunteers, raise awareness, recruit students and faculty to join the bone marrow donor registry and raise funds to help make more life-saving transplants possible.

For more information, contact usambassadors@dkms.org.

Take Action

Host a Campus Drive

Host a Campus Drive

We'll work with you every step of the way! Get your friends to turn up -- and help them turn more patients into survivors.

Volunteer With Us


Volunteers are our lifeblood. We hold nearly 3,000 registration drives a year at campuses and in communities across the country and their success depends on how many people we have to help.

Register as a Bone Marrow Donor


Take the first step in helping someone get a second chance at life.We need more young people like you!

Fundraise for Us!


Whether you're participating in a Tough Mudder, a 5K or a bike ride, starting a birthday fundraiser or a tribute, you can create a personal fundraising page to support our lifesaving work!

Upcoming Drives

Want to know where we are headed next? Take a look at our upcoming college drives.

Drives List
  • October 26

    Illinois Wesleyan University

  • October 26

    Illinois Wesleyan University

  • October 26

    Southern New Hampshire University

  • October 31

    Chabot College Swabs to Save Lives

  • November 03

    Cal State University Bakersfield swabs to save lives!

  • November 04

    UC Berkeley Swabs to save lives!

  • November 11

    Widener University

  • November 19

    NYU Dance Marathon

    New York
  • November 28-​November 30

    University of New Hampshire


Have Questions?

Visit our FAQ section to find answers to your questions.


Other Ways to Help

There are many ways to support our fight against blood cancer.

100% of every gift you make helps us recruit more potential lifesavers.

Make lifesaving the life of your next party with our Swab Party Kit.

Encourage Friends

Word of mouth is a powerful force in raising awareness and registering donors.

Katharina Harf, Co-Founder of Delete Blood Cancer
We Can Delete Blood Cancer
We are mailing out over 8,000 lifesaver kits. Thank you for sharing our posts and signing up to become potential lifesavers. #deletebloodcancer #bonemarrowdonor #dkms #getswabbed #getonthelist # fightcancer
***Please share Brickelle's story and help patients who are fighting rare disorders like Brickelle today by registering to be a potential bone marrow donor at dkms.org/register.*** Meet Brickelle! Brickelle is a six-year-old Tennesse native. The energetic and enthusiastic Tennessean has been fighting Shwachman–Diamond syndrome (SDS) since she was 3 ½ years old. Having this rare congenital disorder means many parts of the body, but particularly the bone marrow, pancreas, and skeletal system, are severely affected. 
Brickelle's Dad Mark says
Hope is the key to a happy life. #deletebloodcancer #dkms #mondaymotivation # motivationalmonday #inspirationalquotes # goodquote #inspiration
#BloodBall fever has taken over the World Trade Center Path Station. Check out our newest ad. Presented by @TimeOutNewYork #deletebloodcancer #DKMS #halloween #Halloweenparty
Last night we hosted our annual @jimmychoo event in NYC. It was hosted by our Founder Peter Harf, our Co-Founder @kharf and  DKMS Ambassador @cocorocha. A portion of the proceeds raised last night will go to the fight against blood cancer and registering potential #bonemarrowdonors. 👠👠👠 #DeleteBloodCancer #DKMS  #JimmyChoo photo credit @ericvitalephotography
Thanks @jimmychoo for hosting #DKMS this evening. This special event is being hosted by DKMS Co-founder @kharf and DKMS Ambassador and Supermodel @cocorocha.
Never give up. ✊#mondaymotivation #inspirationalquotes #deletebloodcancer #dkms #getswabbed
Wow! A big thank-you to everyone who recently signed up to save a life! So many people have stepped up that we are experiencing a slight delay in swab kit delivery. 
We are working hard to get kits out to all who registered as soon as possible.  If you'd like further information, please email us at kits@dkms.org. #deletebloodcancer #dkms #getswabbed #bonemarrowdonor