Stem cell donation

Transportation of stem cells

Once the stem cells have been removed, speed is of the essence, and they must reach the patient within 72 hours. They are delivered in person by courier – a highly important and responsible task. Thanks to thousands of supporters around the world, cross-border stem cell donations are also possible.

Their efforts have enabled us to provide patients across the globe with the life-saving stem cells they so urgently need.

Our Transport Services team is dedicated to delivering cells and marrow from donors to patients around the globe. We work with the two best medical courier services in the world to assure safe and dependable transport.

We are available to assist collection centers, transplant centers and donor organizations throughout the entire transport process.

You can use online tracking to get an immediate status report, or if you have any urgent matters please contact the numbers below:


Renata Fergusson
Transport Services Team
Monday-Friday, 9:00-6:00
For Transport Emergencies Only
Transport Services Team

Online Courier Tracking

DKMS offers: NO anonymous call center and NO holding, just a live person who can assist you throughout the entire transport process.

DKMS works with two leaders in courier services to provide safe and dependable worldwide transport for the Donor Program.

Contact us at 1-917-273-2154 for a status report on your transport, or if you prefer, track your transport online by clicking one of the links below and entering your login information.


Transport information is available only to members of our Transplant Center network. If you are a network member, but do not have login access, please contact All shipment tracking details are provided directly from our courier partners. DKMS is not responsible for their accuracy or any subsequent changes in shipment details.

Transport Services Team
Transport Services Team

One of the couriers is Maria. Here she reports on her experiences as a stem cell courier and the special challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

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