Blood Cancer Survivors & Patient Stories

Every one of our patients and donors has an incredible story to share. Stories of courage and challenge that get at the human heart of what donating blood stem cells or marrow really means for a patient, for their family and for the communities that support them. Here is where you’ll find stories about our patients and donors as well as news on our efforts to connect them with lifesaving results.

Our Stories

My Exciting Life as a Bone Marrow Donor

Life is for living. It's for having new experiences, meeting new people, and exploring new places. It's not something I take for granted. So when I found out I had the opportunity to give someone a new lease on life, I said yes right away.

My name is Alexis St. John and I am a bone marrow donor.

March 03

Love Your Melon awards $100,000 grant to DKMS

Following the successful first year of partnership, Love Your Melon has announced it will strengthen its partnership with DKMS with a $100,000 grant in 2020. The grant supports the registration of bone marrow donors through the LYM Campus Crew program, which calls on students to host bone marrow donor drives on campus, among other community outreach events that help support cancer patients. The program is active at 250 campuses across the United States.

March 02

You're a match

I stared at the certified letter in my hands, a mix of nervousness and excitement flowing through me. After years of waiting, after forgetting I was even on the donor list for bone marrow transplants, here was a letter telling me I had the opportunity to save a life. I was not going to throw that opportunity away.

February 26

Why this was way more important than my honeymoon

I became a bone marrow donor following my father’s diagnosis of liver cancer. I went on a mission to do anything I could to help him and others in need and came across the DKMS website. I signed up online for my home swab kit and sent my cheek swabs back in the post in order for my details to be added to the registry and then literally went on standby as a potential lifesaver.

February 12

I created a high school program that left a major impact

I first heard about DKMS through a friend whose grandmother had lost a battle to leukemia. DKMS is an international non-profit organization that works to fight blood cancer and is the world’s largest network of bone marrow donor centers...

February 12

I donated bone marrow and this is what it was really like

I signed up as a bone marrow donor in Salt Lake City, Utah, at drive at a Real Salt Lake soccer game in 2008. Marcia Williams, the wife of player Andy Williams, was fighting leukemia, and the team hosted a donor drive and fundraising event to both spread the word about the need for donors and to help the Williams family.

February 12

An open letter to the person I donated my stem cells to

We don’t know each other, but thank you. From the bottom of my heart.
My name is Christina Muggeo and I was the donor for your bone marrow transplant.
Most people assume that when you make a donation, it’s a one way gift. But I also got a lot out of being able to help.

February 12

5 Things You Should Know About World Blood Cancer Day

World Blood Cancer Day (WBCD) is a global awareness day dedicated to the fight against blood cancer. On May 28, individuals, friends, families, communities, companies, organizations share their support using the red ampersand, the official sign for WBCD.

February 12

Love Your Melon x DKMS = 13,629 new chances for patients

When two organizations dedicated to helping cancer patients join forces, the possibilities are lifesaving.
In early 2019, Love Your Melon announced that DKMS was the recipient of a $25,000 grant to support registration efforts with the LYM Campus Crew program. The Crew program “is an exclusive Crew made up of students who are determined to improve the lives of children battling cancer. In communities across the country, our Crew Members raise awareness for childhood cancer, represent the brand through promotional events and personally engage with our charitable programming initiatives.”

February 11

In Recognition of our Patients

I was in Dallas a few weeks ago for a swab drive and to connect with local donors, patients, and partners. There I encountered one of the most lively patients I’ve met—a woman in her 70’s. Ordinarily above the age range for receiving a transplant, doctors approved the procedure due to her extraordinary health (I’m told she is an avid walker). The most bright-eyed and energetic person in the room, the only sign that she was fighting cancer was hair loss. Her enthusiasm for finding donors for fellow patients fostered a sense of human connection and hope.

February 07

I register people to donate bone marrow

I am a Donor Recruitment Coordinator for DKMS, a non-profit and the largest bone marrow donor center in the world. We work to find and facilitate transplant matches for patients with blood cancers and blood diseases.

February 06


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