Aplastic Anemia

Aplastic Anemia | Know The Facts

Aplastic anemia is a serious disease that occurs when a person’s bone marrow stops making enough red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Without a sufficient amount of blood cells, patients run a higher risk of infection, uncontrolled bleeding and extreme fatigue.

Get the facts: Each year, about 600-900 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with aplastic anemia. For many, a bone marrow transplant can be a successful cure. But, only 30% of bone marrow matches are found within a patient’s family. That’s why it’s so important to sign up today! Together we can help more aplastic anemia patients find a match -- and get a second chance at life.

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Patients Who Need Your Help!


Perfect Sam

When Sam Kimura was just 17, her doctors delivered the devastating diagnosis of severe aplastic anemia, and told her that a bone marrow transplant was her best hope for a cure. Her big sister Alex was not a match, and a search of the registry produced no results.


Aimee Threlfall

Aimee, a young wife and mom, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia while pregnant with her first child. After delivering a healthy, happy baby boy, Aimee began treatment.



Natasha is a delightful young girl who enjoys creating art and loves playing with her pets. But since she fell ill with aplastic anemia, Natasha’s days of art projects and animals have been replaced by doctor visits and weekly blood transfusions.


In 2015, Sam, Alex and her friend Taylor formed Sharing America’s Marrow and set out on a cross-country trip to register as many new potential donors as possible. They got an amazing 18,378 people to sign up! While more than 150 of these registrants have matched other patients, Sam is still looking for her lifesaver. You can help her and others by signing up.


While her disease is being managed for the time being, Aimee’s best chance for long-term survival is a bone marrow transplant. With no matching donor in her family or on the registry, Aimee is waiting for her lifesaver to register. “We still have hope,” she said. “We are thankful for people who are willing to sign up and become a match for me or others who are waiting for a transplant.” Give patients like Aimee more hope for a cure. Sign up today!


Although Natasha is undergoing intense treatment, she will need a bone marrow transplant for a healthy shot at life. Every person that registers gives Natasha another chance at finding a matching donor. She needs your help! Sign up now.

Our Survivors


Briana Donis

During her treatment for aplastic anemia, Briana tried a new yoga pose every day – and posted it to her Instagram page. She told BuzzFeed Life, “I like yoga because it challenges the inner me and the physical me.


Evan Perricelli

Evan Perricelli has been battling aplastic anemia since he was 7 years old. Matching donors can be extremely difficult to find, however Evan found a perfect match – his brother.



In 2013, after learning that she suffered from aplastic anemia, Rachel got some better news: Her older sister was a match! "I realize now how rare it is for matches to be found within the family and even rarer for African Americans to find donors on the registry,” Rachel explained.


I started it because it was a challenge, but I knew I could do it if I put my mind to it. It wasn’t the kind of exercise I was used to. It was my own journey and not just a physical one.” In 2015, Briana received her second bone marrow transplant in hopes of winning her fight against the disease.


He was one of the lucky ones; only 30 percent of matches are found within a patient’s family. Evan hopes to raise awareness so that more patients can find their matching donors -- and live longer, healthier lives.


Since her August, 2013 transplant, Rachel remains healthy and active. "After being sick for so long, I feel lnormal,” she said. "I’m a fitness enthusiast and a huge bone marrow donor advocate, and I hope that my story will motivate others to register and save a life!"

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