Prepare to donate

We cover your costs

DKMS will cover any costs incurred in connection with your stem cell donation or preliminary health check, within defined limits.

Your coordinator will review this with you. We also cover your travel and accommodation costs for you and a companion for the donation.

We know everyone’s situation is unique and some donors may have additional costs such as child care or pet boarding. We also have a financial assistance program for lost wages. Your coordinator will speak to you about reimbursement options if this is something you will require.

Documentation for your employer or school

We understand it may be difficult to speak to your employer or school about taking time off to complete your physical exam or donation. We are happy to provide documentation or even to speak to your human resources department. Many states have statutes requiring employers to allow you to take time off for the donation. For a complete list please click here.

Insurance coverage for stem cell donors

All DKMS donors are covered through the National Marrow Donor Program Donor Policy which includes medical, disability, and life insurance. This policy covers donors for all donation related activities as well as travel to and from any donation related activities. *Coverage may be subject to exclusions

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