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Every 27 seconds, someone somewhere in the world is diagnosed with blood cancer.

You could be someones second chance at life.

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Registering Online is easy, secure, and only takes 5 minutes. Though the chances to be called as a donor are rare - 1 in 430 - if called, you are likely the patient's best match. Your decision can give hope and a second chance at life.

After registering, you have to swab your cheeks and send the kit back to DKMS. It is all free of costs.

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About Us

DKMS is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders. Founded 28 years ago in Germany by Dr. Peter Harf when he lost his wife Mechtild to leukemia. Peter promised her that he would help every blood cancer patient find a matching donor.

Since them, DKMS has given more than 86,000 people worldwide a second chance at life, but, there are still more lives to be saved.

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There are many ways to get involved and support our mission.
You can raise awareness, join the registry, host your own [registration] event, take on a fundraising challenge, or anything in between.