Leonie needs your help

leonie patient DKMS

Eleven-year-old Leonie has an aggressive form of leukemia. She aspires to be a teacher, loves to play outside, jump on trampolines, and is a huge Harry Potter fan.

Last fall, Leonie felt really tired from doing simple tasks and she was getting noticeably pale. After a fever and a few other symptoms, Leo’s mom knew something was wrong. That is when tests determined that Leo has an aggressive form of leukemia. She has already been through so much - 14 days of grueling chemotherapy and other complications.

“We have decided to fight and have only one direction of sight: forward,” Leo’s mom Constanze said. “Giving up is not an option. Leonie is the best example. It is unimaginable how brave and positive she is. We can learn a lot from her.”

Leonie has no siblings and there are no matching donors in her family or currently in the global donor pool. The odds for Leonie can change if more people sign up to potential bone marrow (blood stem cell) donors.

Please, sign up to be a potential bone marrow donor today! You might just be the lifesaving match for Leonie and patients like her.
Leonie patient DKMS
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