How will DKMS maintain the safety of donors?

The health and safety of our donors is our highest priority. We will consider the circumstances of all of our donors who are asked to donate their bone marrow and blood stem cells, on an individual basis, especially regarding their travel to a collection center. Please be reassured that we provide the best and safest solution possible for our donors.

Unfortunately, donors who live in high-risk areas have to be blocked for search requests, as they are currently not eligible to proceed with a donation. We also have implemented screening for the COVID-19 virus risks before entry to any collection center and before the start of a donation. These measures serve to protect the donor as well as the recipient and the employees in the collection centers. Health experts have confirmed that there is currently no evidence that the novel Coronavirus can be transmitted via blood, bone marrow, or stem cell products.

Please also understand that any planned collection may be postponed or canceled due to the current situation. We will keep you informed about all developments. Regarding the transport of blood stem cell products to the respective transplant clinics, we are in regular and close contact with all parties involved as well as with all relevant national and international authorities and organizations to ensure that all blood stem cell collections can reach the patients.

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