6 Things Every Donor Should Have the Day of Blood Stem Cell Donation

November 08

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) donation is a non-surgical, outpatient procedure that collects blood stem cells via the bloodstream. It’s also the procedure that is called for in 75 percent of the donations. These same blood-forming cells found in bone marrow are also found in the circulating (peripheral) blood. 

The whole procedure takes about 4-8 hours on one or sometimes two consecutive days. 

Here are six things you will need for the day of your donation. 

6. A Companion or Guest

Noah’s wife accompanied him on his donation.

Choosing your plus one or guest is key. This should be someone you are really comfortable with who can support you during donation. Most of our donors usually go with their significant other or a very close family member/friend. 


5. Entertainment in all forms

This is your time to binge watch your favorite show and cross the items on your reading list.

For the blood stem cell donation procedure, you’ll be sitting there for 4-8 hours. Most times you’ll be in the same position. It’s important that you have things to do to pass the time. With that you should be prepared with all forms of entertainment. Download a movie, bring a book or binge watch that show you were meaning to watch. 


4. Food and Snacks

For Lizzie’s donation, her snack of choice was bacon.

As mentioned earlier, you are spending up to eight hours, you may be a little peckish or hungry. Donors are allowed to eat during their donation. Make sure that you pack some snacks to get nourishment. If you can, try to get iron enriched foods. 


3. A Blanket

Stay warm during blood stem donation with a comfy blanket.

Bacteria thrive in warm environments, so hospitals combat this with cold temperatures, which help slow bacterial and viral growth. During donation you should be as comfortable as possible, please pack a blanket just in case you get cold. 

2. Comfortable Attire

You should wear loose clothing so that you can move around freely. We recommend that you are as comfortable as possible while donating, so sweatpants are recommended. You should also have comfortable footwear as for post-donation, it helps with the travel home. Avoid tight shirts and skinny jeans. Definitely wear a T-shirt, we will also send you your own DKMS donor shirt. 

1. Positive Attitude

You’re doing an amazing thing. By taking this step, you are helping someone get a fighting shot at a second chance at life. You are helping to give a family member more time with their families. Very few get chosen to donate which makes you a rock star.