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Blanca is a very happy girl, she loves to paint, play and collect stones she finds on the beach. She had been in remission for four years from leukemia she was diagnosed with when she was barely a year old. However, a few weeks ago he had a relapse.

“One day a parotid gland became inflamed. The tests were normal and the blood counts were good, so the doctors thought it was mumps, but it did not curdle me. We went to the doctor, we did thousands of tests until the mumps PCR came out negative and a mass appeared on the scanner. We did not want to accept it, but after five days they confirmed the diagnosis: leukemia had returned and was attacking the lymph nodes,” says Macarena, Blanca's mother.

In cases of relapse, when it has already been treated with chemotherapies, the only option to survive is with a blood stem cell transplant. You can register and provide hope for patients like Blanca.

Sign up for a swab kit online. It only takes 5 minutes. You provide hope. We cover the rest.

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Our story began with one family fighting to save someone they loved. When Mechtild Harf was told that the only treatment for her leukemia was a bone marrow transplant, she had no matching family members.

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