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Shaping the future of our DKMS Group

With an extensive range of knowledge and experience, the Foundation Board and global executive team shape the future of our international DKMS Group.


Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Elke Neujahr

Dr. Elke Neujahr
Elke Neujahr

Dr. Elke Neujahr is the Global CEO of DKMS Group and the CEO of DKMS Donor Center since 2019. She is also represented in various roles on the supervisory boards of the DKMS Group companies at the international level.

Neujahr received her doctorate in communication science from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. As an expert in crisis communication and co-owner of a large PR agency and later her own consulting firm, she supported national and international executives for many years in all matters of corporate reputation, change management, as well as crisis prevention and communication.

As a PR manager, she initially worked in various leading positions in industry before switching to the consulting side. In 2018, Elke Neujahr rejoined a cause that had long been close to her heart by becoming Global CEO of the DKMS Group. She also became Executive Vice-Chairwoman of the Board of Directors in the United States and Chairwoman of the board in Poland, United Kingdom and South Africa.

With a doctorate in communication sciences, Elke served national and international executives as an expert in all questions of corporate reputation, crisis, and change management. Initially holding a variety of positions in the industry, Elke ultimately switched to the consulting side of the corporate communications business. She has been Partner and CEO of a leading European PR Consultancy before she successfully ran her own company for 15 years. With 40 years of expertise in general management, she drives the development of the DKMS Group.

As the Global CEO, Elke oversees all DKMS operations and the organization’s continued international expansion.

Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Alexander Schmidt

Dr. Dr. Alexander Schmidt
Dr. Alexander Schmidt

Dr. Alexander Schmidt has been Managing Director and the Chief Medical Officer of DKMS since 2013. He is responsible for all areas that provide professional information and advice as well as coordination and support for donors before, during and after a donation, thus ensuring safe bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell donations.

In addition, Alexander oversees the ongoing relationship management with transplant centers, search units and registries and the medical advice for all international DKMS entities. He and his teams are also responsible for various quality programs and scientific projects.

Alexander holds a doctorate in mathematics and medicine. After working as an intern at Heidelberg University Hospital, he worked as a management consultant with a focus on health care issues. He has been working for DKMS since 2002 in various management positions. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the DKMS Life Science Lab and the DKMS Stem Cell Bank and Chief Scientific Officer of the DKMS Registry.

Chief Financial Officer: Bernd Weinel

Bernd Weinel

Bernd Weinel has joined DKMS in 2023 as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer. He oversees finance and accounting as well as the administration and management of the DKMS entities.

Bernd studied business administration at the Goethe University Frankfurt and thereafter working many years in international companies including several years in Spain.

He brings many years of experience as an interim manager for outstanding assignments in the areas of Finance, Controlling, M&A and Restructuring as well as CFO and Finance Director in the medical technology, media, consumer goods, manufacturing and chemical industries.

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