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2022 Impact Report

2022 was a year full of achievements, wonderful patients, and the amazing donors, with whom we could not do our work without.


Meet Elle and Guillermo

Elle Barrera, a 16-year-old girl from Staten Island who was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia at 13-years-old, captured the hearts of so many this past October when she had the special opportunity to meet Guillermo Stuadt, the 46-year-old man from Chile who saved her life at our annual NYC Gala.

Guillermo registered with DKMS as "something you do on a weekend, a normal weekend." Two years later, he got the call saying he was a match with a patient and immediately said yes to donating. His own daughter was 14 at the time of his donation, sharing, “I put myself in the shoes of this girl’s parents. What would I do to save my child’s life? I would do anything.”

Thanks to Guillermo’s lifesaving stem cells, Elle is healthy, happy and has returned to doing the things she loves, including playing her bass guitar. When reflecting upon meeting Elle, Guillermo shared,

“It’s like having a little sister now. We don’t talk every day but there is this bond between us that will last forever, and she knows now that I’m always here for her for as long as she needs.”

2022 Impact Report

Read the full 2022 Impact Report to learn more about some of the incredible patients we had the opportunity to work alongside, celebrate our milestones, and thank our donors and supporters.

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