Celebrating 30 years of saving lives

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For 84 years Krispy Kreme has brought happiness to customers around the world with their doughnuts and invested their time and efforts in improving the communities they serve.

As an organization that has been dedicated to improving the lives of patients in the cancer community for the past 30 years, DKMS is proud to partner with Krispy Kreme to raise awareness around the need for lifesaving donors and bring hope to patients around the world. Together, we aim to elevate the stories of those who need a transplant to survive and give the public a “sweet” way to learn more about how they could potentially save a life!

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DKMS: 30 years – Enabling more second chances at life

“We very much wanted to involve all our donors and all the people who have been so important to our mission in our celebration of this milestone in the history of our non-profit organization,” says Managing Director and Global CEO Dr. Elke Neujahr.

Established in Germany in 1991 as a result of a personal tragedy suffered by Peter Harf, we are now a global database network with more than 10.7 million registered donors in seven locations across five continents. We are the global leader in the procurement of stem cell donors for patients around the world, and our DKMS donors have enabled more than 92,000 patients in 57 countries to have a second chance at life.

The story of Ethan and Keane

In February 2007, at just four months old, identical twins Keane and Ethan were diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), an often fatal auto-immune disease. Their parents, Xander and Carrie, were told by their son’s doctor that the only cure for the boys was to receive a stem cell transplant immediately, setting off an urgent search for a matching stem cell donor who could save both of their sons.

Ethan and Keane

As the boys underwent daily chemotherapy treatments and the family struggled with mounting fears and expenses, their hopes rested on the kindness of a stranger. Incredibly, their prayers were answered when a young woman named Monika was found as a match and agreed to donate for both Keane and Ethan. Two years later, the twins and their parents met Monika for the first time on stage at the DKMS gala in NYC. Now, 14 years later, the boys are in high school and planning for their future, far removed from the illness that defined their youth and put that very future into question. Their stem cell donor Monika did not just save their lives, she gave them a second chance at the life they had yet to live.

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Heroes wanted: Noah Friedman

After his good friend Oliver was diagnosed with leukemia, Noah Friedman jumped at the chance to support him by registering at a DKMS donor drive in 2015.

Noah Friedman

Noah’s donation showed him that the potential we have as humans is truly limitless and, after this life-changing act, he felt motivated push himself physically and use those opportunities to inspire others to register as potential donors like he did. Today, at 26, Noah has completed multiple triathlons and is embarking on his biggest effort to date: competing in an Ironman in November to help raise awareness for DKMS and the need for more stem cell donors.

Sunny the bear

Sunny the Bear is not just a friend to all pediatric patients, but also one who understands the difficult nature of the life of someone who is battling a deadly blood cancer. DKMS introduced Sunny the Bear in 2018 as a gift for the young patients we work with, who often struggle with the unique issues that arise when undergoing cancer treatment. Sunny, who comes with an accompanying children’s book describing his story, is a friendly and relatable companion who shares in our patients frustrations of awaiting a stem cell transplant and acts as a hopeful reminder that there is a donor out there for everyone…they just need to swab first!

In honor of Sunny and the hope he brings, Krispy Kreme will be selling donuts inspired by Sunny at select locations, with proceeds going to DKMS and our mission to provide a second chance at life to all patients in need.

More ways to help
You can support DKMS in many ways and give hope to more blood cancer and blood disorder patients.