Celebrating Hope This Pride Month

LGBTQ couple celebrates PRIDE Month
Pride Month: Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community to Save Lives
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Celebrating Love and Inclusivity

LGBTQ couple celebrates PRIDE Month

Our mission began with an act of love, and love continues to drive everything we do. Each day, we are inspired by the countless expressions of love we witness. This Pride Month, we celebrate those who love freely and openly, sharing their joy and vibrancy with the world.

DKMS was founded over 30 years ago because one man loved a woman in need, and a family was determined to save their loved one. This profound love evolved into a commitment to help all those in need, dedicating our organization to giving patients and their families hope and a second chance at life. At DKMS, we believe that changing the world begins with the willingness to try. No matter your race, gender, creed, or sexual orientation, what truly matters is our capacity to connect and empathize with others. We take pride in knowing that our diverse donors are united by a shared desire to make a difference through their love.

Often, the news highlights our differences, overshadowing the fundamental truths we all share. We all know what it means to love, to fear, to lose hope, and to rediscover it. In a world often marked by division, we are proud to witness the deep compassion and generosity that love inspires. Stories from across the spectrum remind us that our shared bonds are far more significant than our superficial differences. Because love is life. Love is hope. Love is everything.

An All-Inclusive Donor Registry

There is a common misconception that LGBTQ+ individuals cannot join the blood stem cell registry and donate. This is false. We welcome everyone aged 18-55, regardless of sexual orientation. Saving lives needs all of us.

This Pride Month, celebrate love, inclusivity, and hope with us. Together, we can make a profound difference.

This Pride Month, Take Action: Request a Swab Kit to Register as a Potential Blood Stem Cell Donor.
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