Kevin Clements Crushing Cancer Every Day

It costs us $45 to register just one potential blood stem cell donor. Not everyone who signs up is able to contribute towards this cost, and so we need your help.

Kevin Clements' family is always up for challenge and when Kevin was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic lymphoma and leukemia on Halloween Day in 2019, his family went all in to get the best treatment for him.

In their search to find Kevin’s 10/10 match, the Clements added more than 2500 potential lifesavers to the global donor pool! They aren’t stopping now.

Because Kevin’s cancer was aggressive, the family opted for him to receive a haplo transplant from his brother. Kevin is recovering with the love and support of his family and an amazing medical team.

“I’ve always had this feeling that I was put on this earth to help others and although this is certainly not what I had envisioned, I have an overwhelming feeling that this journey is going to ultimately help a lot of people,” said Jaqi.

The Clements family is encouraging everyone to step up swab return your kit and help others like Kevin get their second chance at life.

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You can support the DKMS in many ways and thus give new hope for life to many blood cancer patients.
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