DKMS Celebrates Black History Month

DKMS bone marrow donor registration drive volunteers pose for a photo with their completed registration kits.

The month of February marks the celebration of Black History Month, an opportunity to commemorate the contributions and sacrifices African Americans have made, and honor the triumphs and adversities that have shaped our country's history.

DKMS is committed to honoring our Black donors who are making a difference, supporting our Black patients who need to find their lifesaving donor, and increasing the representation of Black and African American individuals on the donor registry. We aim to improve health outcomes for Black patients battling blood cancer and blood disorders by working to increase their chances of finding a blood stem cell donor, which increased from a 23% chance in 2022 to a 29% chance as we enter into 2023.

Follow along this month as we share stories of donors, patients, and more.

Blood stem cell donor, Jasmine Thompson, smiling as she shares her donation story for a patient with sickle cell
true haden baby and mom
Corey, a registered bone marrow donor, smiles at a donation recruitment event
More ways to help
You can support DKMS in many ways and give hope to more blood cancer and blood disorder patients.