Amelia's Someone Special

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Amelia is 12 years old and her life has changed. Just before Christmas 2020 she was diagnosed with leukemia. Now she is in need of a bone marrow transplant to recover. Amelia’s only chance is from a donor like you!

The diagnosis was a complete surprise to Amelia and her family, but soon they received even more shocking news: no one in the family is genetically compatible, and currently there is not a single compatible non-related person available in the entire global stem cell donor database. Amelia’s chance of survival very much depends on every new person who decides to register as a potential donor. Her parents are appealing for your help.

Amelia dkms

Until now, Amelia has been a healthy child. She liked going to school, talking to friends, listening to music and discovering new foods. Her dream is to have a cat but this wish for now, will have to wait. For over six months Amelia has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy. She lives and studies at the hospital where she is receiving treatment. Despite it being a long and difficult time, Amelia believes that everything will be fine. She will regain her health and be able to go back to normal life at home and school.

Her family believe that someone out there wants to help. Somewhere in the world you have a genetic twin, a person who in order to live needs you and no one else can save them. Today Amelia is in need of her genetic twin. Please register.

Amelia patient DKMS
Sign up for a swab kit online. It only takes 5 minutes. You provide hope. We cover the rest.
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