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Anthony's Journey

Anthony Daniels didn't know how much strength he had until being strong was the only option.

In 2011, Anthony was attending Fordham University and playing collegiate ice hockey when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Anthony fought the cancer into remission twice over the next two years – all while continuing his studies.

In 2013, when his cancer returned for the third time, Anthony learned that his best hope for survival was a bone marrow transplant. No matching donor was found in his family or on the bone marrow registry. While searching for a match, Anthony began training as a boxer as a way to motivate himself, focusing on getting strong and competing in the ring. “It really helped me emotionally, physically and mentally,” Anthony explained.

Sometimes he headed straight to the gym from his chemotherapy treatments. "It was really hard but afterwards, I'd be tougher,” he said. “I was able to deal with the nausea.” Anthony fought his cancer in and out of the ring to help himself and inspire other patients to never give up.

I made a choice, a choice that has changed my life, I chose to be strong.

Recently, Anthony learned that his lymphoma has spread. He is exploring a treatment option that will help build his immunity so that in the next 6-12 months, he will be strong enough for a transplant.

But a matching donor must be found in order for him to survive past 12 months.

Despite this setback, Anthony is more determined than ever to keep fighting. His mission is to raise awareness and to register as many new potential donors as he can to help find a match that could give him – and others patients like him – a second chance at life.

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If you reside outside of the US and would like to register for Anthony, click on the links below:
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Katharina Harf, Co-Founder of Delete Blood Cancer
We Can Delete Blood Cancer
We're excited to welcome our new potential lifesavers to the #DKMSFamily. Swipe right 👉 👉 👉 👉 .

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Christina knows first hand how patients are impacted by cancer. She’s a project manager @sloankettering and everyday she sees what those who are fighting and their families endure. She knew she could help change things. When she got the call that she was a match, naturally she stepped up to be a #bonemarrowdonor. #PeopleOfMSK
We’re excited to be the recipient of a $25,000 grant from our partners at @LoveYourMelon to help support the fees associated with registering new donors. This funding will specifically support our goal to register more young donors, which is currently the group most likely to ensure a successful transplant.

In addition, our college program, #ureact, will also be partnering with Love Your Melon’s Campus Crew programs in 2019. The Campus Crews will help host swab drives and register donors to DKMS across the United States.

Stay tuned for exciting updates about this partnership!
Only 4% - The challenge for Astrid to find a match.
While Astrid is battling a rare form of #leukemia, she worries about the future of her children, just like any loving mom: “The thought of not seeing my little boys grow up is unbearable to me.” .
Astrid is mixed race of Nigerian and European decent, and ancestry plays a big part of the matching process. Currently, donors from minority ethnic backgrounds make up 4% of the donor registry. We need to help change her chances of finding a match! We can save Astrid and other mixed race patients! Join her fight. 
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Katharina could not believe what was happening to her. .
“I had just moved out for college, it was the time after my exams at school, time to be free. At the beginning I thought that my incredible fatigue was just caused by all of this change. But at some point, even small things like riding my bicycle were strenuous, I even fainted multiple times very sudden. At the doctor, it was clear all at once that something wasn’t right, my blood cells were unbelievably low. The diagnosis came quickly, but I couldn’t really grasp what this meant. I thought “It’s not cancer, can’t be that bad.” But I learned quickly. I was pulled out of my life, was in the hospital 2-3 times a week and constantly needed transfusions to even survive until treatment began.
I got some kind of “mini chemo”, but relapsed after two years. I was desperate: My life had just begun once again very recently. So we started all over – and I needed a #bonemarrowtransplant. I was very lucky because my little brother was my match. But I also had mixed feelings: Happiness about the option but also worries if my brother would manage the surgery well. He did and I’m eternally grateful for his gift. Today, I’m quite well again – I still struggle with fatigue and need to take medicine, but I won’t complain at all. The transplant gave me my normal life back!
I am well aware that not all patients have the luxury of having a matching sibling. Because of this it’s incredibly important for me to show how easy it is to save someone else’s life. Most people don’t think about it, I didn’t do either until I got diagnosed. But perspective changes when you’re right in the middle, of course. I’m grateful for every single person signing up!” Please register today and let’s fight together to help save even more people.

Register: 🔗 in bio.
After listening to a story on the @kiddnation show, Eryn was inspired to sign up as a potential #bonemarrowdonor 💉 . Last year @berrt.n.errn gave a patient a second chance at life. 
You are awesome Eryn! 💪 
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We're sending a different type of ❤️ to Landrie. She received a #bonemarrowtransplant today to rid her body of aplastic anemia. 
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Today we celebrate donors like Matene who give blood cancer patients a second chance. Because of her, Marcus is alive today. 
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