Discover the DKMS Donor Management Team

Welcome to the heart of DKMS's lifesaving mission, where every connection counts and every donor's journey is carefully guided. Our DKMS Donor Management Team stands as the backbone of our organization, orchestrating the seamless process that transforms willing donors into potential lifesavers. With expertise, dedication, and a deep commitment to our cause, our team ensures that every step—from registration to donation—is supported with care and efficiency. Get to know the faces behind the scenes, the passionate individuals who make it their mission to facilitate hope and healing through every donor's selfless act.

"Together, we're the heartbeat of hope, orchestrating life-saving symphonies one donor at a time."

Confirmatory Typing Department

  • Richard Astwood, Associate Manager
  • Michael Puleo, Team Leader
  • Shaquita Hammonds, Team Leader
  • Malissa Swanson, Confirmatory Typing Coordinator
  • Leah Painter, Confirmatory Typing Coordinator
  • Janelle Atkins, Confirmatory Typing Coordinator
  • Tamara Johnson
  • Aregmi Amigon
  • Jakob Walsh
  • Justin Stuhr
  • Myrna Oliveros
  • Malissa Swanson
  • Leah Painter
  • Perry Ryan

Workup Department

  • Hannah De Simone, Head of the Department
  • Ashlie Fee, Team Leader
  • Luis Cirio
  • Starlove Holton
  • Iesha Torres
  • Tessa Hopt
  • Hannah Mechanic
  • Shankina Rossi
  • Naomi Platt
  • Camila Mejia
  • Kenia Henriquez

Experience the commitment of DKMS Donor Management Team, relentlessly supporting donors to save lives. Join us in making a difference today. Contact us below with any questions.

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