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A partnership with DKMS is a unique opportunity for small businesses and international corporations to save lives!

From hosting registration drives to raising crucial funds—our team is ready to work with you to create successful, high-impact events that benefit your brand and help us provide hope and health to more patients in need.

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Cerner Corporation

The donation changed my life absolutely; it’s nothing in comparison to the life I hopefully changed. If I were even super lucky enough to receive a second call I’d do it again, I’d do it again and again and again.” – Cerner corporation employee, Jeff.


The DKMS partnership with Getty Images began with a simple haircut. In May 2016 Getty employee, Carmin Romanelli, shaved his head in solidarity with blood cancer patients and helped raised over $7,500 for DKMS and our mission to delete blood cancer.

Loan Depot

Judiel Ennis registered with DKMS as a bone marrow donor and a few years later become a donor for a pair of Canadian twins who were born with alpha thalassemia, a rare, but deadly blood disorder.


Cerner Corporation began their lifesaving journey in 2009 to help one of their own associates battling cancer. Since then, they hosted drives at all three of their campuses in the Kansas City metro area. To date, Cerner held 12 drives, registered almost 2,000 potential lifesavers and gave second chances to 13 patients in desperate need of their lifesaving match.

Being a part of our mission brings will extend your philanthropic programs and engage your team in an initiative that could result in them finding their own charitable worth. Be a part of the global fight against blood cancer and blood disorders by creating a lifesaving relationship with DKMS.


During Carmin's Haircut for Hope 18 employees signed up to become potential life savers by joining the bone marrow registry. From those 18 that registered, Coleen was found to be a match and went on to donate and help give a patient a second chance at life!

On October 5th, Getty Images celebrated their own everyday hero by hosting a reception in Coleen’s honor at the NYC Headquarters. Coleen used the special moment to share her donation experience and encourage even more of her colleagues to consider joining the bone marrow registry. We are thankful for Getty Image’s partnership and dedication to help increase the odds and save even more lives.


After patiently waiting to meet the adorable Espayos twins that she donated lifesaving bone marrow to, Judiel finally got her chance on October 5th, 2016 during an emotional reception hosted by Judiel’s employer, loanDepot.

At the reception, the Espayos family was finally able to personally thank Judiel for her selfless act. “She’s the second mom now,” said Reina Espayos, the twins’ mother. “She gave life to my daughters.” Anthony Hsieh, loanDepot’s Chairman and CEO, presented DKMS with a contribution of $30,000 in support of our mission to delete blood cancer and other blood-related illnesses. We would like to extend our gratitude to loanDepot for their generosity and to Judiel for being a lifesaver to not just one, but two lives!

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