You Stepped Up!

Signing up online is the first step to be a potential bone marrow donor. Follow the steps below and keep on the way to becoming a lifesaver!


In the next 7-10 days YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR SWAB KIT. It will have everything you need to swab your cheeks, including a prepaid return envelope to send your swabs back. Learn how to swab.

Why do you get swabbed? Here’s the science behind swabbing.

Due to the pandemic, there have been impacts to the delivery of mail beyond our control. We are doing everything we can to ensure kits arrive as quickly as possible. If your swab kit does not arrive after 3 weeks, please contact and a new one will be sent to you.


Timing is important! We need those swabs back asap. When you get the kit, please send it back as soon as possible in the prepaid envelope provided. Someone's life could depend on it!

3. Registry confirmation

It takes a total of 6-8 weeks for our lab to process your swabs. Once all the cool science happens YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION that you are on the registry.

4. Waiting time and donation

You are awesome and on the registry, which means that you are a POTENTIAL DONOR. The chances to be called is 1 in 430, so, keep your information updated.

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