Thank You!

Thank you for signing up as a potential bone marrow donor. You are on your way to becoming a lifesaver!

Here’s what happens next:

1. Get Swabbed!

In the next 10-15 business days you will receive your swab kit. It will have everything you need to swab your cheeks, including a prepaid return envelope to send your swabs back.
Why do you get swabbed? Here’s the science behind swabbing.

2. Mail Back your swab kit

Timing is important! We need those swabs back asap. As soon as you get your swab kit please mail it back in the prepaid envelope provided.

3. Waiting time

It takes a total of 6-8 weeks for our lab to process your swabs. Once all the cool science happens, a donor ID card and confirmation letter will be mailed to your address confirming that you are awesome and on the registry.

Your swabs are tested to see if you are a match for a patient in need. If you are, you will be contacted at the information you provided at registration. If you’re not a match for a current patient searching, you will be put on standby until you match someone.

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