Caitlin: Jaz's Guardian Angel

March 21

“I registered while working as a reporter for my school newspaper. I was covering a blood/bone marrow drive. Just as I got ready to leave, the organizers asked if I’d register as a donor. I hadn’t even thought about it. The idea of donating was intimidating, but I signed up.

When I found out that I was a match, I was shocked. Total disbelief. I thought ‘there’s no way this is actually happening.’ All of a sudden I potentially had a huge responsibility sitting on my shoulders. But I never had any doubt that I’d donate. I knew a child needed something from me to live. Still, I worried about the medical aspect and what lay ahead.

I donated via Peripheral Blood Stem Cell donation. It didn’t hurt AT ALL. While I donated, I wrote a letter to my patient.”

Caitlin later got the opportunity to meet her patient, a young girl named Jaz. As the two got to know each other, Jaz showed Caitlin a drawing she’d done while in the hospital before her transplant. It was a guardian angel with flowing blond hair that looked a lot like Caitlin.