Bone Marrow Donors Give Second Chances

Marcus and Matene meeting

Each year, 14,000 patients are searching for a bone marrow donor. Mothers, fathers, and too often young children who are fighting blood cancers and disorders are faced with the reality that a bone marrow transplant is their only hope.

Only 30 percent of the searching patients will be able to find a match with a family member, the rest must rely on a stranger stepping up to donate bone marrow/stem cells.

You might be thinking, how do I get started to be a bone marrow donor? It starts by requesting a cheek swab kit below. We send it directly to your home. You just have to open the package, swab your cheeks and the most important thing is to send it back to us in the prepaid envelope provided. Once it’s processed at the lab, you’re on the registry and can be called to help a patient who is in need of a donor.

So now’s the time. Step up to give someone a second chance at life.