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2023 Impact Report

In 2023, DKMS remained steadfast in the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders. Thanks to the dedication of our donors, volunteers, and partners, we made significant strides in saving lives worldwide.

This impact report highlights our achievements, showcasing inspiring stories of hope and resilience. From increasing donor registrations to advancing groundbreaking research, 2023 was a year of remarkable progress and transformative impact. Join us as we reflect on our journey and look forward to a future without blood cancer.

“...without him, I wouldn’t be here to marry the woman of my dreams that God has placed into my life." -Ben Clark

Donor Story

Meet Abby Pyne

Abby Pyne’s journey from soccer player to medical student and stem cell donor highlights the profound impact one person can have on the fight against leukemia. Inspired by a young girl’s battle, Abby’s story underscores the importance of registering as a potential donor. In April 2023, Abby’s donation through DKMS provided a lifeline to a patient in need. She now shares her experience to encourage others to join the donor registry and make a difference.

Patient & Donor Meeting

Patient Ben and donor Jan with friends and family

Meet Ben & Jan

Ben Clark's life took a dramatic turn when he was diagnosed with blood cancer and needed a stem cell transplant. Jan, motivated by personal loss, registered with DKMS and became Ben's lifesaving donor. Their journey from patient and donor to best friends highlights the life-changing power of stem cell donation.

2023 Gala

The 2023 DKMS Gala is a celebration of hope, resilience, and the incredible power of community. This event is not just a night of glamour; it's a vital fundraiser that supports our mission to fight blood cancer and other blood disorders. By attending and contributing, you help us fund life-saving research, expand our donor registry, and provide essential support to patients in need.

Marc Jacobs and Niki Taylor attend the 17th Annual DKMS Gala
Coco Rocha attends the 17th Annual DKMS Gala

2023 Impact Report

Read the full 2023 Impact Report to learn more about some of the incredible patients we had the opportunity to work alongside, celebrate our milestones, and thank our donors and supporters.