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Warwick Valley Middle School's Ukulele Club has registered an additional 85 people from in person events so far

The Warwick Valley Ukulele Club has a history of advocating for cancer research and giving back to the community. This year, the Ukulele Club has set its sights on helping DKMS add members of the community to the national bone marrow/stem cell registry, as well as raising funds to help cover the costs associated with the registration and donation processes.

DKMS holds a special place in the hearts of both club and community members - Ukulele Club is very grateful for the opportunity to help with such a cause.

Help us meet our goal of adding at least 250 members to the national registry - together, we can save lives!

Want more information on the Ukulele Club's efforts? Email club advisor Shane Peters at speters@wvcsd.org.

Registering is easy and painless - sign up here to receive your packets, swab your cheeks, and be on your way to potentially saving a life!

We thank you for taking that step in registering to help save lives!

DKMS Contact Person

Adam White

Team H.O.A.G.