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Tito's Story

"My faith keeps me strong and guides me" This is something that Tito has mentioned that continues to push him out of bed every morning. Tito has been recently diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) and is currently being treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.

Tito has been in the construction field for 25+ fields and has recently achieved his goal of becoming an underground civil superintendent. Tito loves to lead and empower his staff to work hard and continuously show passion in everything they do inside and outside of work.

Tito and his wife Jennifer share 3 wonderful kids; Anthony, Lexi, and Annalisa. Lexi is currently pregnant and Tito and Jennifer look forward to welcoming their first grandchild into the family. Tito enjoys spending time with his family, and friends, and serving within his community. In his spare time, Tito enjoys playing music on his guitar and singing while creating music with other musicians.

Tito has prided himself on always being there for the ones that you love, and helping others whenever he can. "Love and Laugh, spread happiness". Tito is in search of his perfect match to provide him with a second chance at life and you can be his match or others facing similar times as Tito.

Anyone between the ages 18-55 that are in general good health can register below!

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