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What if life-saving superpowers were in your blood! You could be the hero that makes a difference for someone in need.

These « someone in need », we have met many of them when we spent most of last year at the hospital in France with Ade fighting/ beating leukemia (like a champ!)

While we went through (very) tough moments, we also witnessed the gift of life with some of Ade’s friends in need of a bone marrow transplant finding a match.

We also learnt that it is not as easy to find a match when you are multi-racial, African American, Asian or Latino: while 88% of the world is not white, 70% of people in the world registries are. 75% of people with mixed background cannot find a match.

That is where we think we (you!) can start changing the tide! We know how diverse our world community is so we count on you!

How? You are only a few clicks away - see below, register, swan your cheeks and be ready to say yes!

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Amy Roseman
Donor Recruiter

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