You can save a life, too!

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You can save a life, too!

Diamond, pictured above, was called as a match after almost a decade on the donor list. She said her stem cell donation was an easy way to save someone's life!

Amazingly, her sister Blynn was also called. Blynn said it's almost as simple as donating blood, so why wouldn't you do it!

Our family has had lots of heart ache due to illnesses such as ITP, where a blood donation was needed regularly, leukemia, where a blood stem cell donation was their only hope and a match wasn't found in time or brain cancer, where we wished more than anything that there was a life saving option. Family has always been the most important thing to us, so knowing that we can help someone else spend more time with their family is such a huge blessing and way for us to honor those in our life who have passed away.

Join us in this life saving mission. Request your swab kit today!

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Donor Recruitment

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