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Andrea's Story

Andrea received the devastating news that she has a rare form of leukemia that can only be cured from a stem cell transplant. Andrea (50), her husband Constantinos (Gus) and her two teenagers, Sophia and Nikolas, are hoping to rely on their community to register more donors of Greek or Cypriot descent to give her the best chance at finding a match.

Andrea and Gus devote themselves completely to their children. Whether it’s jet skiing, attending concerts or camping with the scouts, they are always together. The Kalliaras family is a family full of love, respect and dedication to each other and truly a model of Greek family values.

Andrea considers her two brothers, Marc and Christopher, her best friends. They are together every week with all the children all growing up like siblings.

Quote from Christopher

“It just doesn’t seem real. I am the older brother and I have been taught to protect my little sister but I feel helpless again leukemia. Andrea is truly a very good loving person. She has been the foundation for our family. She is a beautiful loving soul with a good heart. A wonderful wife and amazing mother. The best sister, daughter, aunt and friend anyone could ask for. There will be a tough road ahead but with your help donating stem cells, I have no doubt she will get through this and it will one day be a distant memory.”

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