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Together we can heal, Erica's Mission with DKMS

Meet Erica

Erica, 43 years old, is a loving wife of a Marine and mom to 3 great kids who are 25, 18 and 13 years old. She enjoys the simple pleasures of life like spending time with family and her animals.

Erica has dedicated her life to educating all children, spending several years teaching high school, was an administrator at all levels from high school, middle school, to elementary and is currently the Director of CTE & CCMR (Career Technical Education and College and Military Readiness) at Pleasanton ISD. She was also part of opening one of the largest elementary schools with over 1,200 students in Pleasanton, Texas.

As she was about to enjoy her son’s senior year, her youngest daughter’s last year of junior high, and after celebrating her daughter completing her master’s degree from Sam Houston State, she was given the news of MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome and with Myelofibrosis) the day before her 43rd birthday. After being a caregiver to her husband, Paul, with stage 4 cancer over 20 years ago she would now be on the other side of this battle. She has never questioned her faith; she knew it would be a long journey and understood that attitude is everything. As she walks through this chapter in her life, she understands that she must fear no evil. Her family, friends and faith have all grown closer during this time. She is now praying for a match. Being married to a US. Marine, and having “Never Give Up Attitude” she is ready for someone to help her get to the next chapter of her life.

The doctors have told Erica the only cure is a stem cell transplant. She was not able to find a familial match and must rely on the kindness of a total stranger to provide her life saving match. This is where you come in!

Registering with DKMS takes about 6 minutes and a simple swab of the inside of your cheek. You might be Erica’s match or even a match to one of the 17,000 Americans currently searching for their second chance at life.

You could be the one person that is able to save their life with a blood stem cell donation. Individuals ages 18-55 and in general good health are eligible to register.

Swab your cheeks. Become a Lifesaver.

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