Saving Lives with the Sternblitzes

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Super volunteers with super DNA

Volunteering with DKMS is a project of love for the Sternblitz family. In 2009, Susan stepped up to lead the volunteer effort for a DKMS donor drive for Karen Stock, a friend in need of an unrelated donor. Along with 810 others, David registered as a potential donor at the event. Two years later, the Sternblitz family was thrilled to learn that David was a potential donor. In 2013, David donated stem cells to a UK woman in need. Since 2009, volunteering with DKMS has been a family affair whether it be at a swab station with the family’s favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks, local 5k races or community events, the whole family has supported giving second chances at life to blood cancer patients in need. Hallie joined the DKMS Youth Advisory Board in 2019 and made sure that her big brother, Jordan, swabbed on his eighteenth birthday. In 2021, Jordan became the second Sternblitz family member to be called to donate stem cells to a woman with AML. The Sternblitz family truly volunteers with their whole beings, including their super DNA! DKMS is thrilled to honor this incredible family for their tireless efforts to inspire others to join the donor pool and their selfless gift to provide second chances to two patients.

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Raegan Bell
Donor Recruitment Coordinator

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