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Everything changed on July 18, 2020 when we were told that our 10 month old daughter, Ellie, had brain cancer. It is a moment we want to forget but that will forever be etched in our memory, along with that unshakable feeling of shock, fear, and disbelief.

We quickly learned that pediatric cancer is far more prevalent and underfunded than we ever imagined.

We decided to start The Ellie Ruby Foundation in honor of our daughter to raise awareness for pediatric cancer, secure funding for rare pediatric brain tumors, and help support families going through similar circumstances. It is from our personal experience that we drew our vision for The Ellie Ruby Foundation and its mission is our way of expressing that cancer may have changed our world but we haven’t let it define our lives.

Thank you for your support and partnership in helping us carry out our mission. Together, we can cure a child from an unbeatable disease and provide support to families that need strength and a helping hand more than ever.

Click below to request a swab kit to be added to the donor registry so that you might one day be able to donate blood stem cells or bone marrow to a patient in need.

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