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Welcome to DKMS Trivia Night with Mindless Minutia Trivia!

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(1) How often is someone diagnosed with blood cancer?

A) Every 3 minutes

B) Twice an hour

C) Every 27 seconds

D) 4 times a day

DKMS is an international non-profit organization and we've teamed up with Mindless Minutia Trivia to register more potential lifesavers. Our goal is to delete blood cancer and other blood disorders by increasing the number of potential blood stem cell donors on the national registry.

Every 27 seconds, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer and often times, their only option for a second chance at life is through a blood stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor. Are you ready to find out if you could be someone's perfect donor?

All it takes to find out if you could be someone's donor is a 3 minute cheek swab! If you're between the ages of 18-55 and in general good health, click the link above to request your free swab kit to be sent to you home. Complete the 3 swabs and send them back in the pre-paid envelope.

(2) Swabbing your cheeks to be a potential blood stem cell donor is easier than...?

A) Winning trivia

B) Running a marathon

C) Emptying the dishwasher

D) All of the above

About DKMS:

DKMS is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders by: creating awareness; recruiting bone marrow donors to provide a second chance at life; raising funds to match donor registration costs; supporting the improvement of therapies through research; and supporting patients from day one of their diagnoses.

DKMS Contact Person

Sydney Ross, Digital Marketing Manager
Sydney Ross
Digital Marketing Manager