Swabbing for Samantha

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Swabbing for Samantha

Samantha Andrews is 10 year old from Benton who, until recently, was your typical middle schooler. She loves to camp, hike, listen to music, play with her dog, and spend time with friends. All of that changed when she found that, after a year long cancer battle when she was eight, her cancer was back. Just a month ago she was looking forward to playing soccer, going to Disney World, and joining her classmates at school. Now she has to pause her life to fight cancer - again.

This time, her best chance for a cure is a stem cell or bone marrow transplant.

Samantha, along with her brother and parents, are turning to the Benton community for help. More than 70% of people in need of a stem cell transplant must rely on a stranger from the national bone marrow registry. This is where you come in. It only takes a few minutes and the swab of a cheek to register as a potential donor and see if you could be a match for Samantha or the thousands of other patients currently searching for a match. Join us in Swabbing for Samantha!

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Olivia Haddox
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